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Midland's premiere Spray Foam company.

Spray Foam

Our application team is qualified, insured and bonded and staffed by West Texas residents abiding by local labor and safety standards.

Spray It Right

Urethane USA offers energy efficient products and workmanship that add lasting value to your residential property or your commercial property.

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Can Your Insulation Company Answer These 3 Questions?

The Top Three Most Critical Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Any Odessa/ Permian Basin Insulation Company:

Is Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation Expensive?

What are the main factors that determine the price for Polyurethane Spray Foam installation?

Why Urethane USA?

Urethane USA is changing the way contractors do business. We believe in providing you a unique personalized customer experience while also delivering the best value.


We understand that choosing a contractor is difficult, and promise you will always find us open and honest.


Our team strives to build a strong relationship with every customer based on trust and integrity and aims to provide a smooth contractor experience if you choose our services.

Our Services

We are a locally owned and operated company to serve the Midland, Odessa and Permian Basin Community. Our Spray Foam Insulation and/or Roofing Services are offered to residential and commercial buildings. We also provide Epoxy Flooring solutions and Commercial Grade Silicone and Acrylic Roof Coatings to Industrial properties.


Urethane USA spray foam services are built to provide the optimal thickness and R-Value your project demands. Our application team is qualified, insured and bonded and staffed by West Texas residents abiding by local labor and safety standards. Learn more about our different services here.

How We Conduct  Business?

Urethane USA offers the highest quality American-made urethane spray foam and high performance coatings that maximize energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and extend the life of buildings, roofing and other structures.

Our long-lasting solutions are used across a spectrum of industries, both commercial and residential. We partner closely with customers to create tailored options that fit any size and budget.

All of our work is guaranteed and supported above normal industry standards, and our warranties include both materials and labor. We focus on providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction to customers in Midland, Odessa and the Permian Basin Community.

Our Mission

Urethane USA is in business to give our customers the best service and value through our unique customer service and superior quality, while being price competitive.

Trusted By These Organizations

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