Spray Foam Roofing - Urethane USA Insulation & Coatings
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Spray Foam Roofing

Spray Foam Roofing

More and more property owners in the Permian Basin choose polyurethane spray foam as their preferred roofing material. In a severe climate like ours, spray foam is often the best option to save you energy, protect you from extreme weather and look great.


Of course, there are many types of roofing systems and the right roof for your home or commercial property depends on many factors. However, polyurethane spray foam is more often than not the most cost-effective insulation and waterproofing roof available. At Urethane USA we will let you know if a spray foam roof is right for you.

Spray Foam Midland

What is Spray Foam Roofing?

Urethane USA spray foam roofs have two components.


1. Closed-cell Polyurethane Spray Foam


Closed-cell polyurethane spray is considered a “closed” cell due to its high R-value (commonly around 6.7 per inch). Most of our roofs in this area use 1-2 inches of foam. Due to this high resistance, the foam coat prevents water from seeping into the insulation and creating moisture build-up. Moisture build-up promotes bacterial and mold growth, something you do not want inside your walls.


2. A reflective Elastomeric Coating


We finish each job by applying a UV-resistant elastomeric coating system with a granular surface. Our elastomeric coatings have outstanding durability and low-temperature flexibility. They have very little odor and low VOC emissions. This coating adds weather-proofing to the roof and enhances its capacity to sustain normal seasonal expansions and contractions.


All Urethane USA’s polyurethane spray foam roofs provide additional waterproofing and come with an industry-leading warranty. 

Benefits of Spray Foam Roofing

Long Lasting


Polyurethane spray foam provides roofs with strong adhesion and wind uplift resistance. Correctly applied, they can last indefinitely and hold their insulation value for longer than other roofing materials. Our roofing systems have longer life cycles, compared to other traditional roofing methods, and do not have issues with delamination or alligatoring.


Lower Total Cost over Time


Over several years the operating expense of a roofing system can add up to be a significant cost. Leak repair and maintenance issues are common problems on most traditional flat roofs. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) projects that as many as 40% of commercial roofs have serious issues within a year of install.


Studies have shown there are two major factors which influence the performance of a roof system:


  • First the overall quality of materials used in the system
  • Secondly, the skill of the contractor who installs it.


Deficiencies in either area can cause premature failure requiring costly repairs to the system.


Overall, polyurethane spray foam roofs require minimal upkeep to remain under warranty.

With the use of spray foam and our skilled applicators, we can help you achieve significant savings through lower operating expenses. Due to the seamless properties of spray foam, roof leaks are greatly minimized, reducing costly building damage. Using the best products with the best applicators can lower your operating expenses and maximize the return on your investment. In addition, if there ever are issues with your foam roof, often repairs can be made without the need of a full roof replacement.